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Women's Health Needs are Different than Men's in Many Ways

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, birth control, cervical cancer screening, menopause and its many changes, and violence against women are health issues that are unique to women. 

Dr. Holowaty provides prenatal (pregnancy) care up to 32 weeks, and then you are referred to an obstetrician at the hospital you choose to deliver at. She offers all birth control options, including placement of IUDs (intra-uterine devices). Her and her Registered Nurse provide cervical cancer screening and protection through "pap" tests and the HPV vaccine. Dr. Holowaty provides menopause support, including hormone replacement therapy, if it is right for you.  We support the presence of Three Oaks and the counseling of the Peterborough YWCA for women who have been or are currently being abused, and will help you get connected with such services. 


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Birth Control

Review your birth control options including intra-uterine systems - recently recommended as first line options for sexually active teens by the Canadian Pediatric Society.

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Cervical Cancer

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, 400 Canadian women died of cervical cancer in 2017.  The HPV vaccine and regular "pap" tests help prevent these deaths. 

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Prenatal Care

Pregnancy care can take place with your family doctor even if they don't deliver!!! Get needed care for up to 32 weeks closer to home. 

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Mifegymiso is approved for  medical
abortion of an early pregnancy with a gestational age up to 63 days. In Ontario, it is paid for under OHIP if you have a prescription and a valid OHIP card.

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Menopause is a new chapter in a woman's life, that can bring both good and annoying surprises. The good news is, you are not alone, and there are things that can help. 

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