Mindfulness is about being in the present moment instead of the guilt of the past or the anxiety of the future. 


Working on mindfulness (and it is work, it is not an easy mindset to move in to) can give you the chance to reclaim living in the only moment you will ever have: this one. This moment we call now may be your best and perhaps only chance to ensure you are living life fully while you have the chance. 


It’s interesting that mindfulness is practiced intensely by one particular group of people in our society – those who are dying. For many of those people, who know there days are numbered, mindfulness returns to them and they savour every moment, every visit, every interaction, every bird, every touch, every word. They appreciate the regular stuff like a hot shower, food to eat. 


Learning to live from moment to moment is actually very reassuring. The intensity of the sadness or grief you allow yourself to experience in mindfulness practice is always countered by the fact that “this too shall pass”. 


For the next week, a good place to start practicing mindfulness will be to note, nonjudgmentally, as an observer of your own body, what is happening in the moments when your pain is worse, and what is happening when your pain has lessened and you feel better. Write down the events and look at what you wrote at the end of the week. Look at the situations that are taking place at the time, and what sort of sleep you had the night before. Does your pain ramp up when you are on the phone with a cranky cousin, or when you’ve been driving on the 401, or when you watch something bad on the news?


Dr Kabat-Zinn

The father of mindfulness for pain describes what mindfulness really is.

Dr Kabat-Zinn

Uncoupling the body sensations from the thoughts that accompany pain, reduces the total suffering of the person.

Scientific explanation of mindfulness

Learn about the psychological and neural processes that mediate the relationship between self-regulatory practices and health! 

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