Learning More about Chronic Pain


1 in 5 Canadians suffer from chronic pain.

The common definition of chronic pain in the medical literature is pain lasting beyond 3 months or the time it takes for tissues to heal. 

Chronic pain requires a multi-modal approach to treatment - more than one approach is needed to make the pain better. Medication alone will NOT do this by themselves and are only a tiny part of that solution (note that opioids are no longer indicated for most chronic non-cancer pain), with both physical and psychological (mind) therapy playing a much more important role. Please see the embedded videos on chronic pain, low back pain, and trigger points for more detailed explanations. 

Understanding Pain

Check out this great video explaining chronic pain.

Why Things Hurt

This video is of Lorimer Moseley explaining how the brain interprets pain.

Mood and Pain Connection

This short video talks about the connection between mood and pain.

Trigger Points explained

This is the best explanation I have ever seen about trigger points. Just because something isn't showing up on your MRI, doesn't mean you don't hurt. It just means you should be thinking about trigger points or "myofascial pain", which is the most COMMON cause of pain.

Low Back Pain

Dr. Mike Evans is an expert at making complicated medical things make sense to us all.