Harm Reduction


Needle Exchange

Dr. Holowaty participates in the Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program's needle exchange program to provide sterile, single use equipment to help prevent disease transmission and reduce the potential health risks associated with injection drug use. You do not need to be a patient here to access this program. Drop off your filled sharps containers from the program and access clean supplies and new sharps boxes.


Dr. Holowaty has been a strong advocator for take home naloxone for opiate users. She is thrilled that the Ontario government has finally set up a free take home naloxone program. All pharmacies that have sufficient expertise to dispense opiates should be capable of dispensing and educating on the free naloxone kits for opiate overdose. 

Everyone should have one if you take prescribed opiates or non-prescribed medications, as fentanyl has been found in many other drugs.

Get your kit by asking the pharmacist today, and coming soon, we will be distributing them and training people with them directly. 

How to Give Naloxone for overdose

Please see this vdeo on how to give naloxone to someone who has suffered an opiate overdose.