Harm Reduction


Needle Exchange

Dr. Holowaty participates in the Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program's needle exchange program to provide sterile, single use equipment to help prevent disease transmission and reduce the potential health risks associated with injection drug use. You do not need to be a patient here to access this program. Drop off your filled sharps containers from the program and access clean supplies and new sharps boxes.


Dr. Holowaty has been a strong advocate for take home naloxone. 

Everyone should have one if you take prescribed opiates or non-prescribed medications, as fentanyl has been found in many other drugs.

Get yours by coming to our clinic and requesting a new kit or naloxone refills. We will show you how to use it without any questions asked. 

Safer (Smoking) Inhalation Materials

Through public health, we offer safe crack pipes and meth bowls. This is because hepatitis C and possibly other blood borne diseases can be passed through sharing bowls and pipes. Please always use your own inhalation equipment.  We have also paired up with a local knitter who has knit pipe cozies to keep the glass safe. You do not need to be a patient here to access any of these materials.


People who inject drugs or who are involved in sex work can have very weak immune systems, putting them at danger of life-threatening infections.  The Ontario government recognizes this risk and pays for the pneumonia vaccine, as well as hepatitis A and B vaccines for people who inject drugs. Through a partnership with Hastings and Prince Edward Public Health, we provide those immunizations here for anyone who self-identifies as an injection drug user or someone who is or has been involved in sex work.

During the flu season, we also provide flu shots - remember the flu causes pneumonia, not a stomach bug!

PrEP and Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections

PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV infection in high risk people who are currently HIV negative. High risk people include people who share injection equipment, those who can't negotiate condom use, and/or have to trade sex for food, housing or transportation. Read more about PrEP here.  Prescriptions do require regular follow up and regular HIV testing. 

We have condoms on site for the taking - please help yourself!

Prevention of Pregnancy

Dr. Holowaty is trained and able to provide prescriptions for birth control (including the "pill", the "shot", and IUDs), as well as the "morning after pill". Dr. Holowaty also provides medical abortions up to 9 weeks using mifegymiso by prescription. Mifegymiso is a prescription covered by OHIP for all Ontarians that have a valid OHIP card, no matter whether you have drug coverage or not. 

How to Give Naloxone for overdose

REMEMBER - the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act is law -  the Act provides an exemption from charges of simple possession of a  controlled substance as well as from charges concerning a pre-trial  release, probation order, conditional sentence or parole violations  related to simple possession for people who call 911 for themselves or  another person suffering an overdose, as well as anyone who is at the  scene when emergency help arrives.